Sunday, June 18, 2006

work. What a pain

Who says work cant be fun. This is me aiding up the Leven Bridge in Fife. 70metres of testing and attaching hangers. The bridge cables had to be inspected and accessed from the top. Would of thought the designer could have designed a quick and efficient way up the thing. Still who cares getting payed for it was a bonus. This is the sort of stuff i would of dreamt about doing as a kid.


Hendo said...

Looks like a pretty good day at the office Michael, how do you get into RA work?

michael tweedley said...

When i was working at Alien a few mates were on the ocean terminal job in Edinburgh. They needed extra bodies so that is when i decided i should get into it. Dont get me wrong some jobs are a pain and very dull.
Climbing instructor was a great job but the pay wasnt enough and you have to be keen to teach. I guess i lost the keeness and started hating it.