Friday, June 30, 2006

Loch Eck

Theres two huge boulders up there honest, as i sat in the COYLET pub with my auntie and uncle I looked at the old black and white piccies on the wall. The picture.. the pub many moons ago. Back then the hill behind the pub was bare, no forestry or bloody rhoddy bushes.

Theres two HUGE boulders up there now lost in the bracken, forestry and rhoddys. Ive walk in amongst the jungle of the west and the most memorable trip was the back of the Coylet. I stumbled and fell, got soaked bitten and worn down so much I then gave up..........Ach theres nothing up there.

Now in my head i see the two boulders. Ive seen them in black and white. The picture cannot lie. When the coolness of autumn comes back and the greenery has gone. Think I know where I will be.........for a little while anyway.

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